The Best Fantasy Sports Resource Sites on the Web

Fantasy sports are growing in popularity year by year. They are great for any sports fan who dreams of building their own team and competing with other fantasy team builders. There are now plenty of resources for the fantasy sport fan online that can offer the them plenty of information that they may need to build a successful team. There are online web sites that offer useful information such as player rankings, stats, and even cheat sheets.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports is a popular online web site for fantasy sports enthusiast to visit and compile information from. The Yahoo main fantasy page offers a hosting on baseball, football, basketball, NASCAR, and even hockey pools. Most of these leagues are free of charge. Another great site is that of the Bio Soft Sports site. This web site is the ultimate in fantasy sport player selection service. It also includes sports handicapping and poker software. Another site is that of Dr. Fantasy Football. This site offers plenty of news, player rankings, many cheat sheets, depth charts, statistics, transactions, injury reports, and a whole lot more. Next in line is the web site of Fantasy Baseball Hub. This site offers a free up to date compendium of baseball resources for its users. There are categories that are tailored to the users’ needs. This site makes it simple to acquire the information and statistics you need in virtually no time at all. And don’t forget popular sports site RootZoo, which is almost like a MySpace, social networking site for sports fans. On this site users earn points for their participation, which give it a competitive and addicting quality.

There are fantasy sports resource sites for any occasion one might need them for. There are sites that are dedicated to one particular sport, as mentioned earlier, or sites that are dedicated to fantasy sports in general as were also mentioned before. Fantasy Football Bookmarks is a great site to visit that is dedicated to the latest stats and info. Another great site is the Fantasy Football Café. This site offers enthusiasts a place on the internet to tap into news resources about fantasy football, cheat sheets, sleepers, NFL player rankings, strategies and other tips, advice, forums, and even predictions. Another strictly fantasy football site is the Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheets web site. The site is actually named Fantasy Draft Edge and it offers personalized cheat sheets for the enthusiast.

These cheat sheets can keep you ahead of the curve from draft day to beyond. Cheat sheets are great resources for anyone caught up in the world of fantasy sports. The Fantasy Football Hub is a great site to link you with information and other well respected and liked fantasy sports sites. This site makes it very simple for the user to navigate through its extensive list of sites and other resources. The site Fantasy Sports Drafts has been offering its users comprehensive and in depth information since 1993. On this site you will find baseball, basketball, football, golf, and even playoffs and other special events. There are five annual championships to which you are automatically entered in when entering the appropriate online fantasy drafts. No matter what type of fantasy sports resources you are after, this site will surely be of use.

Fantasy Sports Ethics – How to Quit a Fantasy Sports League Gracefully

One of the best things about fantasy sports is the competition. Each league is made up of a group of people that each aim to build the best possible team. Owners may not have anything specific that they want to prove, but they pretty much all want to win. The fun of the competition can be ruined by other teams quitting early. This is especially true if the quitting manager does not quit “ethically”.

There are a lot of reasons that can keep a team from being a winner. Injuries can ravage a team, players might not pan out as planned, and the manager might occasionally forget to set their lineup. Even great teams can be losers if the fantasy gods frown upon them. I was once in a league in which the team that had the second highest average points in the league did not even make it into the playoffs. Somehow every other team scored a ton more when they played this team, but then went back to being terrible when playing against everyone else.

So what’s the right thing to do when losing (terribly) in a fantasy season? Ideally one would just keep playing and try to get better. But, no doubt, that can be a hassle, especially when they have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Maybe they are in other leagues where their team is competitive and they need to focus on winning those other leagues. If that’s the case, then it might make sense for them to lay down their king and move on to the other challenges presented by their other leagues, but there is a right way and a wrong way to quit a fantasy league.

If you are going to quit then the best thing you can do for the fantasy sports community is to do so gracefully. If you are going to play every other team in the league exactly the same number of times you might consider just benching your whole team and being a bye team. It is far more likely that you will be playing some more than others though. In that case, finish setting your lineup for the year and “lock your team”. By “lock your team” I mean commit to the concept of no more drops, no more adds, no more lineup adjustments, and no more especially no more trades. The following paragraphs explain why each of these commitments are important.

No more drops – if you drop players (especially good ones) then all of a sudden the balance of the whole league is shifted. A manager with a good waiver position gets better through no effort of their own. Whether that manager is the #1 manager or the #9 manager, it is unfair to everyone else that they are getting something for nothing from a team that has no vested interest in the outcome.
No more adds – the same principal as with the “no more drops” rule applies here. Don’t “steal” players when you don’t care to be in the league anymore. A guy you randomly pick up may be someone else’s sleeper.
No more lineup adjustments – adjusting your lineup is playing the game. If you only do so occasionally, then that is actually worse than just quitting. If you don’t play against one team you should not be playing against other teams. One team will get the benefit of playing a mediocre version of your team. Another will have to face the best version of your team. That is not fair to either team. It’s not even fair any of the other teams. Those wins / losses will affect their position in the standings as well.
No trades – this one is a big one. There is always often someone (I will call them “the gull”) who is just waiting for someone to appear to drown. When a team becomes eliminated and seems to quit the gull will swoop in and try to grab as much as they can for themselves. The gull will offer some ridiculous trade for the best players on the team that has been eliminated. In return, they offer their worst players. The hope is that the losing team will be so dejected (or uninterested) that they will just accept the trade. If your team is drowning then you may view participating in a trade such as this as either a final strike against the league that dashed your hopes or you might view it as “giving hope” to the gull. In reality it just ruins the league for half of the other managers (the ones still playing competitively). Resist the temptation to be involved at all once you make the decision to quit.

Quitting a fantasy sports league is not something anyone ever really wants to do. But sometimes, all circumstances included, it is what makes the most sense. If that is the case, then it is still important to do so gracefully. Follow the tips presented in this article if you must quit and the other managers involved will appreciate that you handled it the best possible way for everyone.

Josh Ahlstrom is the creator of, a fantasy sports community, fantasy sports analytical tool provider, and fantasy sports game hosting website.

Daily Fantasy Sports: The New Means Of Social Networking

The perfect union in the online world has been born: a daily fantasy sports website intertwined with a social networking widget. With this setup, players can create mini-leagues, share and receive real time update, and even chat with the other players from various teams. This further encourages a sense of camaraderie that would later on nurture a deeper love for this new era of gaming.

Several creators of daily fantasy sport websites are also working with the appropriate agencies in developing match centers wherein pre, post and live match stats can be accessed. Hence, these centers can easily become hot hubs where like-minded gamers converge, challenge each other, and maybe even share their strategies.

Daily Fantasy Sports Goes Mobile

Because social gaming is expected to be a growing industry for the years to come, it is not surprising that it has gone mobile too. DraftKings has recently introduced the first mobile app for daily fantasy sports and that’s the Big Baller.

The Big Baller is an easy-to-play game that has been simplified to run under the resolution required by your android phone. It is best for casual and expert gamers who may always be on the go but would not mind a quick play anywhere.

But even if the entire sport has gone mobile, there remains a touch of the essence of social networking. Players can still connect with friends through instant messaging or through one-on-one battles. Not only that, the mobile version of the daily fantasy sports allows you to test your skills against the app via the nine levels of play accessible. This would help you understand the mechanics of the game and learn the many strategies needed in order to master the play but without spending anything as capital.

The Areas of Daily Fantasy Sports

From a virtual golf game, daily fantasy sports now have numerous faces. Aside from golf, you can also play football and baseball. The core rules remain the same though: you can make your own team that will play against another team. It won’t matter how you name your team because unlike the traditional game, there aren’t any sponsors involved. You can even create your team with players of almost the same level of skill so that injuries won’t affect your overall performance.

The scoring, though, is different compared to the traditional football, basketball and golf events. This is because points are given in large numbers instead of the usual 1 point per score. You would need to understand the specific data and statistics given out by each team in order to correctly gauge which team fits your skill level. This understanding would later on help you work your way up the ranks.

The only changes that took place when it comes to daily fantasy sports over the years is the fact that players can now update their roster via their mobile phones or laptops. Points can now be emailed, tallied and then scored just a few minutes after each game. Player statistics can be sent immediately so you will know your ranking and the amount of winning.

Indeed, with all these changes, there is no doubt that the industry of daily fantasy sports will go a long way. Daily fantasy sports is not gambling, it’s science.

Fantasy Sports Software – Manage a Team Or Start a Business

I’m sure that unless you have been living under a rock that you have heard about fantasy sports. Whether you are a big sports fan or you are into computer games, then this is certainly something that is worth checking out. Why? Well this unique game allows you to get a feel of what it’s like to manage professional athletes without even leaving the house and getting your hands dirty. Whatever insecurities you may have about your personal management skills you can just kick those to the curb as the latest fantasy sports software gives you an all-access pass to being part of the pros. You can pick out your own dream team through the fantasy draft and you can also get ahead in your game through cheat sheets. All these are easily available online, just do a quick search on fantasy sports software and after just a few clicks you will get to see a wide variety of software available. But before you purchase anything, make sure that you check out the different brands, titles, and kinds of software available so that you will be end up with the one with all the features that you need.

Also, if you do a little research on the internet, you will actually find a lot of websites offering free access to their own fantasy leagues, however, this more often than not leaves you with a lot of limitations which is why it is still best that you get your own fantasy sports league instead.

Due to the growing popularity of fantasy sports, a lot of people have also started to put up their very own fantasy sports business believe it or not wherein they are the ones who provide games to people who are looking to join a league. If you want to have a similar business, it’s very easy to set everything up as there are also software available for business ventures such as this. Regarding the costs, don’t worry though as this type of software is quite affordable and won’t cause you an arm and a leg. The only thing that you need to be sure of is that you purchase from reputable merchants where you will truly get your money’s worth.

So if you’re looking for fun new past time, you want to improve your gaming skills or you want to put up a small business, then fantasy sports software is something that you should definitely check out.

Catch Up on the Latest Sports Craze – Fantasy Sports Software

Are you a big sports fan or a big gaming freak? Well don’t let yourself get behind by catching up on the latest craze in the online gaming community: fantasy sports. There’s actually nothing new with this type of game as it is practically like the usual simulation games that we are all used to by now. However, there’s actually much buzz about fantasy sports right now as more and more people – sports fans and hardcore gamers alike, are actually starting to become big fans of these simulation games online.

All you really need to do is conduct a search on fantasy sports online and after just a few clicks you will soon find yourself with an enormous amount of gaming options – and most of these are actually free of charge. You need not even sign up for anything to be able to play online. However, there is of course the common problem of online gamers with the free games available online, while there are quite a variety of fantasy sports games online it can still be quite limiting which is why some people opt to get themselves their own fantasy sports software. If you are heavy into games and sports then getting a software package for your personal use – or maybe even your business, is actually a practical choice. You will have better control of the game plus you will also have better gaming options compared to the free fantasy sports games available online.

So how will you be able to get your hands on fantasy sports software? Just log on the internet and do a search on all the latest fantasy sports software out in the market. Lots of websites are actually offering some great deals on various types of software packages which you can either use to start your own fantasy team, or you can also get a sports software to allow you to create some cheats or learn some new techniques to win in your league.

However, if you are not that into mainstream sports then you might get a bit disappointed with the selection of available fantasy sports software. Current available titles as of the moment are of sports favorites like basketball, baseball, football and hockey. But considering the growing popularity of fantasy sports these days, it really won’t be surprising that soon you’ll also find a lot of new titles out in the market.